Right to Union Representation

41.02 Before an Employee is disciplined (verbal warning, written warning or suspension only) or discharged s/he shall be advised of the right to have a Union representative present. This shall not preclude the right of the Employer to suspend "pending investigation" when a representative is not available.

If you are in need of union representation during disciplinary action or simply have a question about the union or your righs as a member, please contact one of the stewards listed below:

Other Relevant Sections of the Collective Agreement

48.04 An Employee, and/or the NSGEU Employee Relations Officer, Local President, and/or Stewards (upon written request of the Employee), shall have the right to examine, upon appointment and during regular office hours, all documents in her/his personnel file except for confidential references recorded or obtained during the appointment process, which shall be held confidential. On written request to the supervisor concerned an Employee or, upon the written request of the Employee, the E.R.O., Local President and/or Stewards may receive, at her/his own expense, copies of any documents to which s/he has the right of examination.

42.02 A grievor shall have reasonable time off without loss of pay to consult her/his steward when meeting with the Employer in the grievance process.

Becoming a Steward (from the by-laws)

  1. Membership of Stewards Committee

    • Appointments as Steward shall be by election, for a term of two years. Stewards may offer for successive terms.
    • A Chief Steward shall be elected from among members of the Committee for a term of two years at the first Committee meeting following the biennial general meeting.
    • If the Chief Steward resigns then the Committee will select a replacement to fill the remainder of the Chief Steward's term.
    • The Chief Steward shall become a member of the Local Executive.
    • The President of the Local shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Committee, and shall be notified of any meetings of the Committee. The Local President may designate another member of the Executive Committee to represent her/him in this capacity.
  2. Duties of Steward
    • To assist members with difficulties and grievances and report these to the Chief Steward and Committee.
    • To attend at least 50% of all general meetings and 50% of all Steward Committee meetings.
    • To attend educational workshops put on by NSGEU and by the Local. Specifically to attend the level one Stewards program within the first year.
  3. The Chief Steward shall be responsible for:

    • The preparation of agendas.
    • Calling of meetings.
    • Ensuring that the Committee functions effectively.
    • Maintaining order in meetings, including ruling on the appropriateness of certain items which come up for discussion.
    • Following up on recommendations or decisions made within the Committee, including following up on members who undertake specific assignments.
    • Maintaining liaison with the Executive Committee including reporting regularly and obtaining approval from the Executive Committee of decisions the Council wishes to implement.
    • Carrying out approved decisions of the Council, or delegating this function, as the need arises
  4. Specifically, the Stewards Committee shall function to:
    • Exchange information between Stewards to develop an overview of common issues and problems within the University.
    • Act as an advisory body to the Executive Committee.
    • Maintain and improve two-way communication between the Executive Committee and the general membership.
    • Study and develop ways of performing the work of Stewards better.
    • Serve as a forum for discussion of common problems in working as a Local 77 Steward
  5. Meetings and Agendas

    • The Stewards Committee shall normally meet once a month.
    • The monthly agenda shall provide for reports on ongoing business by the President.
    • In order to conduct any business a quorum of 50% plus one of the members shall be in attendance at a meeting. The Chief Steward shall vote only in order to break a tie vote
  6. Reports and Recommendation

    • The Committee shall have the right to make recommendations to the Executive Committee on all aspects of Local 77 business.
    • Recommendations passed at a Committee meeting will be presented to the next regular Executive Committee meeting by the Chief Steward.
    • The Committee shall report regularly to the membership in News & Views, and the Chief Steward shall be available at general meetings to answer questions.
    • The Committee shall submit an annual report for publication in News & Views prior to the Local's Biennial Meeting.

Stewards Committee: Guidelines for Elections