Need Help?

If you’re looking for help with a workplace problem or concern, one of the best places to start is with one of your local’s stewards.

Stewards are active members of your local who are very familiar with your collective agreement and who volunteer to help co-workers and the employer ensure that the agreement is being adhered to.

Stewards are often the first people employees and employers turn to when there’s a problem in the workplace. They can often help settle simple misunderstandings or, if the problem is more serious, help initiate the formal grievance process.

The Steward is either elected by those that they will represent and then ratified at a Local meeting; or elected and ratified at a Local meeting. They can be appointed by the Chief Steward and ratified at the next Local meeting but that is only used in cases where the Local meeting is not happening in time, and the Steward needs to be appointed in the interim (e.g. for education purposes).

- From the NSGEU website

To find out who your local stewards are, visit the Union Representation page.