Local 77 Committees

Executive Committee 2016 - 2019

Awards Committee

Ruben Ko

By-laws Committee

Cherilyn MacIntosh (ACTING CHAIR), Chris Maxwell, Kevin French

Communications Committee

Cherilyn MacIntosh (CHAIR), Pauline Fraser, Susan Lowerison, Kevin French, Nellie Clyke, Chris Maxwell, Cindy Miller, Chris Richardson

Appeals Committee

Angus MacPherson (CHAIR), Bill Harnett, Sandi Leaf, Dianne Landry, Cherilyn McIntosh, Pat Colp, Tammy Zinck, Pat Colp, Mary Ann Trevors, Stephen Brown

Job Evaluation Committee

(NO CHAIR), Brenda Armstrong, Ian Blair, Pauline Fraser, Audrey Lapierre, Sandi Leaf, Cherilyn MacIntosh, Chris Maxwell, Cindy Miller, Tammy Zinck

Organizational Change Committee

Shannon Langton, Cherilyn MacIntosh, Tammy Zinck

New Employee Orientation Committee

Cherilyn MacIntosh (CHAIR), Audrey Lapierre, Susan Lowerison, Judie Pepper

Stewards Committee

See the Union Representation page if you would like to contact one of the stewards below.

Tammy Zinck (Chief Steward), Cherilyn MacIntosh, Kim Stewart, Kris McGrath, Claudette Musseau, Audrey Lapierre, Johnathan Thibodeau, Shannon Langton, Pauline Fraser, Glen Minty, Kevin French, Johanne Jell, John Pike, Chris Maxwell

job posting watch dog committee

Shannon Langton, Audrey Lapierre, Cherilyn MacIntosh, Bill Harnett

Contract Support Committee 2014-2015 (closed)

Brandon Detienne, Cherilyn MacIntosh, Bill Harnett, Audrey Lapierre, Tammy Zinck, Chris Maxwell, Wayne Grimes, Jody Pace, Ian Blair, Kevin MacDougall, Dawn Ferris, Susan Lowerison


Joint Union/Employer Committees

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Nelly Clyke /

Council on Employment Equity through Affirmative Action

Cherilyn MacIntosh / Alternate: Brenda Armstrong

Environmental Health & Safety Committee

Maxine Langman Alternate: Ian Blair / Nellie Clyke

Pension Advisory Committee

Ian Blair / Sai Choi Chua Alternate: Shannon Langton

Security & Parking Committee

Barry Young / Alternate: Steve Spracklin

Employee Benefits

Cherilyn MacIntosh/Bill Harnett Alternates: Sandi Leaf, Chris Maxwell

Committee for Hours of Work

Brandon Detmer, Audrey Lapierre /Alternate: Chris Maxwell

NSGEU Committees

Occupational Council (post-secondary) 2016-2019

Regional Council (Metro C) 2016-2019

Provincial Committee Pool 2016-2019