Welcome to the website for Nova Scotia General Employee's Union Local 77 representing employees of Dalhousie University. Please find information here about the local, the collective agreement, and how NSGEU can help its members.



There will be a NSGEU General Meeting on February 7th, 2019, from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. Note: it is in a different room than previous meetings:

NOTE: We will be checking identification/union status prior to the meeting so try to come a little earlier. We will have blank membership forms for those not yet listed as an official NSGEU member.



September 2018 bargaining update

Bargaining is progressing slowly and has been especially slow over the summer. The bargaining team last met with the employer on August 30th, the only time in August, and won't meet again until September 21st (and October 9th after that). Only language/terms of the collective agreement have been discussed, no monetary issues such as wages or vacation have been discussed so far.



We have been alerted to the fact that Dalhousie lost two local 77 members in the past year. It is with tremendous sadness that we report the passing of Janet Larsen and Robert Higgins. Janet Larsen's obituary is public and available. There is no publicly available obituary for Robert Higgins at this time.

We are not notified when a current local 77 member passes away, at this time. If you become aware of such a situation, please alert us at nsgeu77@dal.ca.



Note that if you don't make use of your Health Spending Account, you can get paid back for your medical and dental insurance premiums taken out of your paycheck. Run a report in Dal online for your premiums paid that year and claim them using the link below:


Dalhousie only made a small number of printed copies. You can find it online here: